Your Modular Safe Organization!

Our Belief:

" Anything in an web3 organization that can be automated should be...

...anything that needs on-chain alterations should be permissioned to teams at the edges...

...only the activity left should be governed by the centre! "

Note - this is taken and tweaked from the original quote here.

What is Fractal?

Fractal turns an organization's Multisig into a modular, automated, and governable on-chain organization. This means adding a UI and modules to your Safe Multisig wallet specifically focused around helping founders who are outgrowing their Multisig. No more chasing signers for each and every protocol interaction, weekly payroll, monthly airdrop, or treasury management decision.

Instead, Fractal gives organizations all the best things of being on-chain whilst letting them keep the security of their existing Safe Multisig. This includes:

1) Creating modular sub-Safe hierarchies so leaders can permission on-chain activity to the sub-team experts at the edge without losing on-chain protections.

2) Making recurring transactions easy from the centre via 'set it & forget it' automated payment streams. This is backed by reusable templates for the more complex smart contract interactions at the edge.

3) Picking a unique governance for every sub-Safe in your modular organization to ensure agile delivery, security for founders, and eventual progressive decentralization to NFT, ERC-20, or other methods of voting.

Fractal is built on top of Safe (previously Gnosis Safe) meaning Fractal doesn't risk losing your assets or modifying your Multisig without warning.

What problem does Fractal solve?

We know founders can't organize their web3 project via a Multisig forever. Chasing signers (1) to secure transactions is a coordination nightmare. Creating manual bulk transactions (2) in the first place wastes hours for ops and finance teams. Finally, as teams scale - and on-chain complexity gets worse - founders really don't want all the liability of every decision (3) to sit with them. It's all too much for one Multisig!

Organization Benefits

Adding Fractal to your Multisig to become a modular sub-Safe organization has several benefits over a traditional Safe{Wallet}:

  • 1) Chasing signers is replaced by optimistic & granular permissions between the Parent Safe Multisig and sub-Safes. Teams can form around these Sub-Safes to execute on set transactions 'optimistically' whilst giving the Parent Safe veto safeguards (i.e. 'Freeze').

  • 2) Regular Manual Bulk Transactions are replaced by reusable and automated transactions for 'set and forget' operations. Ops teams can set up automated payment streams of payroll, airdrop, and revenue share from the centre. At the same time, sub-teams can no-code create their own reusable template for more complex smart contract interactions

  • 3) Founder liability for all activity is replaced by custom on-chain governance being modularly passed to sub-teams and progressive decentralization on their terms and timeline.



The uppercased word Safe (formerly Gnosis Safe) refers to a multisignature Safe smart contract Wallet by Gnosis. Safe{Wallet} is the most trusted name in on-chain asset ownership in Ethereum, and the foundation on which Fractal is based.


A Fractal is a specific type of on-chain modular organization. Here users have added Fractal modules to connect Safe Multisigs into sub-Safe hierarchies. Each sub-team has their own Safe{Wallet} with optional permissions by the parent-Safe. They can pick their own governance, create their own specific onchain reusable/automated transactions and add a sub-Safe themselves. At its heart, this offering is powered by a Safe contract wallet with an optional governance module and guard contract to allow for freezing a sub-Safe. Future modules for other offerings are on the way.


The initial Safe{Wallet] at the top of the sub-Safe hierarchy. This is the only Safe{Wallet} treasury that has no parent with executive powers unless it is added retroactively. Most users can start with their existing Safe{Wallet} Multisignature by searching for it by address in the Fractal nav bar (see 'Getting Started'). Saying that, you can also choose to start from scratch with a new Safe.


A Safe{Wallet} that has spawned a sub-Safe (see below). On creation of a sub-Safe, the parent-Safe can set the sub-Safe's governance method, reusable transaction templates, send it funds and set certain on-chain permissions and controls (e.g. freeze powers, execution timelock period, etc.).


A Safe{Wallet} that has been spawned by a parent-Safe Fractal. A sub-Safe has certain on-chain permissions and governance that the parent-Safe has customized on creation. However, these can be removed or altered via proposal at any time. Aside from this, the sub-Safe has autonomy to use its treasury to make on-chain asset decisions with its own distinct governance method. Any sub-Safe also has the autonomy to additionally become a parent-Safe itself by creating sub-Safes.

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