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Deploy a new sub-Safe on Fractal


Creating a Fractal sub-Safe deploys a new Safe{Wallet} contract, with an attached governance module.
At the end of the sub-Safe creation flow a proposal is submitted to the parent-Safe, which must be passed by the parent in order to successfully deploy the new Safe.

Propose a sub-Safe

Visit the homepage of the Safe you would like to create a sub-Safe for (this Safe will be the parent).
For multisig governance, you must be a signer to propose a sub-Safe.
Using the Manage Safe menu (3 vertical dots), select Add a sub-Safe.

New Safe creation

Follow the same Safe creation flow as for parent-Safes.

Configure Parent Controls

Here you will configure the parent-Safe control parameters for your sub-Safe:
  • Freeze Votes Threshold - Total votes required by the parent to freeze the sub-Safe.
  • Freeze Proposal Period - The length of time for a freeze vote on the sub-Safe.
  • Freeze Period - The length of time a successful Freeze Vote will freeze this Safe from executing proposals.

Create sub-Safe Proposal

Click Create sub-Safe Proposal to create a proposal on the parent-Safe to deploy this sub-Safe.
Passing this proposal will allow the sub-Safe deployment transaction to be executed.

Viewing your sub-Safe

After passing and executing your sub-Safe proposal, your new Safe is now ready to interact with.
Visit the Heirarchy page from the left menu of your parent-Safe to see its sub-Safes.

Multisig sub-Safe

In addition to the Safe creation flow a multisig sub-Safe will have the following additional parameters:
  • Timelock Period - The amount of time between when a proposal passes, and when it can actually be executed on the blockchain.
  • Execution Period - The amount of time a passed proposal has to be executed before it expires.
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